Ambassador Javed Malik has an illustrious background in Diplomacy, Media and International Business. having worked at the highest level in government and the private sector organizations.  He is the President of the UK based Diplomat Business Club, a prestigious global network of eminent personalities.

Earlier, he served on key diplomatic positions as Ambassador of Pakistan, and Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Trade & Investment since 2008 until 2018 when he completed his assignment as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

Javed Malik served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain between 2015- 2018. During his tenure bilateral relations between both countries were upgraded to a Joint Ministerial Commission which held its first meeting in February 2017 in Islamabad.  This was followed by visits by Ministers of Foreign Affairs to both countries. Economic ties received a major boost with the exchange visits by Ministers of Commerce & Trade and the Pakistan Bahrain Business Opportunities Conferences held in 2016 and 2017.  Meetings between Ministers of Health & Education cemented Social Sector cooperation.  Parliamentary relations were upgraded by visits by Speakers Parliament of both countries. Additionally, Defence cooperation was further consolidated.

A major milestone was the agreement signed in 2017 to Establish for King Hamad University in Islamabad as a symbol of friendship between both countries

Pakistan’s Special Envoy for Trade & Investment

Prime Minister of Pakistan appointed Javed Malik as Pakistan’s Special Envoy for Trade & Investment in 2013 with the rank of an Ambassador. In this capacity launched various initiatives to promote business, trade and investment opportunities in Pakistan. He also led several international delegations of Overseas Investors and businessmen to Pakistan to explore business, trade and investment opportunities.

Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large

In 2008, Prime Minister of Pakistan appointed Javed Malik as Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large to engage with the Pakistani Diaspora communities living around the world.  He advised and assisted the Prime Ministers in addressing the issues of the Pakistanis resident overseas. In this context he worked closely with the Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Overseas Pakistanis and launched various initiatives to reach out to Overseas Pakistani Businessmen around the world.  He also established the Pakistan International Council under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Javed Malik is a noted media personality associated with television, print and digital media.  He hosted a signature International & Current Affairs talk show, Insight with Javed Malik on Pakistan’s leading News Network, ARY Digital for over 10 years.  Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors as well as prominent celebrities have frequently appeared on his show. He also made several documentary films, and remains involved in various initiatives in media.   Javed Malik was also the Editor in Chief of International Diplomat Magazine.  Articles and OpEds by Javed Malik have appeared in leading Newspapers in Pakistan and around the world.


In view of his wide-ranging and extensive experience in working with the government and the private sector at the highest level, Ambassador Javed Malik strongly believes in constructively imparting his skills and knowledge towards building positive relations between countries, and promoting sustainable economic development by creating opportunities for business, trade and entrepreneurship, in line with United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Javed Malik works closely with various individuals and organizations as their Consultant and sits as a Board Member and Chairman for a number number of organizations around the world. He is frequently invited to speak at events and leads international delegations to various countries for promotion of Sustainable economic development.


In view of his diverse background and experience both with the government and private sector, Ambassador Javed Malik is associated with and supports various projects and initiatives around the world to Promote positive relations, Support Economic development, and Facilitate Social development, Education and Entrepreneurship. He heads a number of organizations as follows: